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Developing bespoke, high quality 3D visualisations

We create 3D visualisations to help our customers do things better.


We aim to make your virtual space visible and accessible to a wider audience, our products have been used to support a wide range of projects. Whether you’re raising investment, illustrating for planning applications or seeking to communicate your vision to audiences, we are here to help achieve your goals.

Abstract Lines


Halftone Image of Crowd


Energie - Brooklands_PhysCamera002.jpg

énergie - Brooklands

"We have received so many complements of our fly through animation that I wanted to pass that on to you! People think that it is taken from real club with real equipment! Although it isn’t real, it does convince our prospects to make a move and buy our memberships. So a big THANK YOU from us"

Olga Lapushner
Owner & General Manager

Energie - Putney_PhysCamera001.jpg

énergie - Putney

When we started our Pre Sale, for the first 3 weeks we had a desk, 2 pop up banners, a back pack flag and a pop up desk and thousands of flyers. I can say without a doubt that on the day we loaded the CGI pictures onto our iPad the sales doubled or more every day after we were able to show the club as a whole as is it and would actually be and also highlight the prospects individual preferences. We over achieved on our 1250 target and probably not have done so without James's CGI pics.

It's a no brainer!

Richard energie Putney.

Energie - Brighton-v2_PhysCamera002.jpg

énergie - Brighton

"Overall experience: My experience using Visivo services was great, James Wood has been really supportive, and the visuals and animated video he has created were really amazing. 10 out of 10, as I would definitely recommend anyone in a similar situation to mine or just in general would like some visuals and videos for his/her business to use Visivo services, as content is high quality and very appealing, the support received from James was great, and certainly worth the money"

Ahmad Agha