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  • James Wood

Énergie fitness Virtual Reality

At Visivo Pro we have created a great home VR gym experience. You can navigate around using the teleporter and learn about the gym equipment, énergie fitness clubs and how-to workout. Its great for first time gym users to get a feel for the gym from the comfort of their own home, or for experienced gym users who want to utilise tech to expand their gym knowledge.

The app is live on Oculus Lab app for members to download and install onto their Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headsets. Once installed there is a tutorial zone where videos explain how to use the controllers and what to do. The user can then go to the main gym or any other level of choosing.

Features of the app include videos explaining about énergie fitness as well tutorials of how to use gym equipment. There is a spin studio and workout zone with cool videos as well as themed levels that have instructors in to teach you some great home workouts.

The project was completed in Unreal game engine utilising model data from 3ds Max and exported to the android system that the Oculus Quest runs on. The videos created of the instructors were filmed on green screen and keyed out within the Ue4 software to create a realistic experience as if the person is there to help you work out.

Future developments will include more instructors and tutorial videos as well as a games locker that will feature some Boxing, Skiing and Rowing games to make working out with the Oculus Quest at home a great experience.

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