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3 Benefits of Virtual Reality

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

1. Training

VR is used for training, especially in dangerous environments. Pilots, for example, can use simulators in case they make a mistake, doctors take advantage of virtual reality to avoid medical accidents. Firefighters preparing before their first fire – this is immersive learning at its most powerful. Immersive learning will lessen the difference between novices and veterans in many professions. These practices will only expand to other sectors in the future, and in the event of traumatic on-the-job experiences, VR can also provide a means of therapy.

2. Conferencing

Think Skype for Business on steroids. VR has the potential to bring digital workers together in digital meetings and conferences. There will be real-time event coverage, think Facebook Live with VR. Rather than merely seeing the other person on a screen, despite being miles away it will feel as if you are in the same room with them. With the rise of the freelancer economy, virtual meetings may become the norm rather than the exception.

3. Convenience

VR can save organizations time and money and make work more convenient. Workers won’t have to travel in order to make decisions and complete projects. For example, architects from across the globe can use virtual reality to evaluate designs. This alone can result in a financial gain through saving on travel, hotels, etc. VR also opens the door for a virtual marketplace, where shoppers can try on garments, and you can see what that Arabian rug will look like in your den.

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