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Benefits of virtual reality gym tours

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Virtual Reality Gym tours showcase your space and add an extra dimension to your brand. Using VR Googles (HMD) you will be at 1:1 scale as if you are actually in the gym.


Using VR to showcase a gym allows prospective members to gain a true representation of the facilities, space & equipment. This gives them the confidence to book a membership before months before the gym is even open.


New members will know exactly what they are getting, meaning that when they join the gym it will match exactly what they have seen in VR and through visuals online. This will help with customer satisfaction, positive reviews and retention.


Going to the gym for the first time can be scary for someone who has never been & huge barrier to entry for new members. Using VR can let the prospective gym user go to the gym from the comfort of home to see that it is a welcoming place.


Get a local campaign going and use the Virtual Reality equipment out in the community such as shopping centres to drive interest in your up and coming gym. VR can show them the gym months before opening and drive memberships.


R.O.I is comfortably achieved inside year a few months. If just 5% of your members join because they have seen the gym in VR or online, you will be getting a good monthly return making it a financially sound investment.

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