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Image by Júnior Ferreira


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: high quality 3D visualisations are too expensive. Jan Spaticchia was the Founder and Chairman at Empowered Brands. He wanted to offer a Virtual Reality gym product to his franchisees to support them during the pre-sale period of a new franchise opening. 


The cost of providing this bespoke service was prohibitively high. There was a simple explanation; there were relatively few providers of this skilled service and a high demand which kept pricing artificially high. Our founders combined the serial entrepreneurship of Jan Spaticchia with the 3D creative talent of James Wood to make virtual spaces visible and accessible to a wider audience.


By developing bespoke, high quality virtual 3D content in-house and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide our services at a fraction of the industry standard. There’s nothing complicated about it. We create virtual 3D content to help our customers do things better.


On 9th May 2021, Jan Spaticchia was lost to cancer after a very short illness. He was 51 years young. Jan’s wife Claire remains an active shareholder within the business and the entire Visivo team is committed to maintaining Jan’s vision for the company.

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James Wood

James Wood is the Visual & Creative Director. James has been working with 3D visualisations, animation, and graphic designs since 2010. James has a passion for being creative and developing ideas that bring client spaces to life. 


James loves to work directly with clients and develop partnerships to deliver the best results possible and achieve client brand goals. He has been fortunate enough to work with big and small brands alike – such as Amer Sports, Britain’s Wildest Weather (TV Show for Channel 4), Construction Specialties, Highwood Homes, Kingfisher, Porvair, Richmond Hyundai and


Alan Ellis

Alan has been buying 3D visualisation to enhance sales of gym equipment since 2006. Alan is passionate about helping clients to showcase their products and services and communicate their vision to new audiences. He has been privileged to work with such leading brands as Credit Suisse, Cybex International, Deutsche Bank, énergie Fitness, Fitness First, Johnson Health Tech Hatton Boxing, Morgan Stanley, Nuffield Health, UFC, Telefonica O2, Westfield Health and

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