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We create virtual 3D content to help our customers do things better.

We aim to make your virtual space visible and accessible to a wider audience, our products have been used to support a wide range of projects. Whether you’re raising investment, illustrating for planning applications or seeking to communicate your vision to audiences, we are here to help achieve your goals. 

Computer Generated Images

Computer Generated Images (CGI) is the creation of 3D still or animated visual content with computer software. This technology is used in everything from advertising, architecture, engineering, and virtual reality. CGI is used so extensively because it is often cheaper and quicker than physically recreating the same results.

cx3 Earphones_edited_edited.jpg

Product CGI

We can help with your product development. Product CGI helps to showcase your designs, ideas or products and provides you with images to preview or advertise.


Product CGI can achieve slicker results than traditional photography and deliver a contemporary high end clean product image.


You may want to create a background for a photo that would be expensive or complex to build. Product CGI can help you achieve the exact scene that works best for you.

Animated CGI

Animated CGI will breathe life into your project. High definition, highly realistic animations allow accurate visualisations of your space and provide your prospects with a clear idea of what you are creating for them to experience.

Virtual Reality

We combine our expertise in 3D visualisations with moving image design to create unique Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.


VR places users inside a computer-generated environment, allowing them to interact with the 3D world around them. VR allows users to stop being passive observers and control their interactive experience in an as-near-to-real experience as possible.


VR can be used for anything from a detailed interior simulation to an interactive punchy brand experience.


We create 2D CAD drawings to meet our clients requirements. whether it be a gym equipment layout or a technical drawing we can help.

From hand mark up we can provide the following types of drawings.

  • Gym Equipment Layouts

  • Mechanical Ventilation and Pipework Layouts

  • Domestic Services and Drainage Layouts

  • Electrical Drawings and Lighting Layouts

  • Small Power Layouts

  • Fire Alarm Layouts

  • Electrical Distribution Schematics

  • Security and Fire

  • Alarm Schematics

  • AV Schematics

  • Data and Telecom Schematics

  • Lighting Protection Layouts

  • As Fitted Drawings

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